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You choose the destination and we’ll take care of everything else!  When you choose Destination Depot as your travel service provider, you’ll get professional service with a personal touch.



About Destination Depot

Founded in 2007, Destination Depot is a travel company specializing in giving the “personal touch” to all their client needs.

Destination Depot offers a unique service targeted to both the busy individual, the group who just doesn’t have the time but wants to make the ultimate trip or vacation become a reality. Destination Depot coordinates the entire package.

From personal trips, to school fieldtrips. For our school trips. we do everything from choosing the transportation, coordinating meal packages, creating personalized itineraries and most of all tailoring the trip to the specifications for the particular client. It’s what Destination Depot loves to do.


Carol Franklin

Travel Coordinator


With over 25 years of experience coordinating and planning trips of all kinds and working with clients of all sizes, Carol takes the work out of the research and coordination of your trip and makes it a reality by researching options of where and when to go, how to get there, and what activities are available. She loves the thought of putting the entire package together. What her clients love most is the payment plan option she offers. It gives individuals an option to take their time and pay for the trip on their terms.


What We Do

Founded in 2007 by Carol Franklin, Destination Depot is Atlanta’s premiere travel concierge service dedicated to the coordination and planning of your personal and group travel locally, nationally or internationally.
Whether a personal family vacation, a group getaway, a class trip, tropical cruise, large group or a family reunion, Destination Depot carefully plans and personalizes each trip for a memorable and stress-free adventure.

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