South Africans are desperate to go on a much-needed adventure within the country. Here are a few important updates regarding air travel that need to be noted.

‘Passengers are still encouraged to arrive at the airport two hours before departure time. On arrival Passengers will be guided by signage and assisted where necessary by our staff,’ said Airports Company South Africa (ACSA) in a statement.

The airports that are open currently include:

‘All persons entering the precinct of the airport will be temperature and visually screened. With us resuming operations, we have restricted the access points to the airport and have deployed screeners at these points. We will also be using purposely procured screening equipment. Port Health, which is a division of Department of Health has sufficient equipment to carry out passenger screening at the airports. As the airports become busier, we have targeted solutions that will be implemented to handle the higher capacity. At this time, we have sufficient equipment,’ said ACSA.

ACSA continued: ‘Airports Company South Africa has recruited additional staff and implemented strict health compliance protocol, including social distancing, temperature screening all passengers and staff, regular deep cleaning, and surface sanitizing of the airports. We have equipped all staff with the necessary Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and sanitizers.

‘Passengers are encouraged to use online check-in to minimise touching of personal identity documents. Security will also request that passengers scan their boarding cards.

‘All baggage handlers will wear full Personal Protective Equipment when assisting passengers and handling baggage. All baggage will be fully sanitised and baggage handlers will wear complete Personal Protective Equipment. Bags must be wrapped as an additional safety measure.

‘Bathrooms will be open at Domestic Departure arrival facilities and areas that are open such as the shops or restaurants. The bathrooms and high touch areas will be sanitised in accordance with the public health procedure as approved by the South African Civil Aviation Authority (SACAA).’

* Arrive at the airport at least two hours before departure time

* Masks have to be worn throughout the airport building.

* Passengers have to download and print and complete a mandatory questionnaire that forms part of the screening process. The form can be found here.

* ​All staff and passengers entering an airport will have their temperature taken and will be visually screened.

* Regular deep cleaning and surface sanitisation takes place throughout each open airport.

* Staff have been equipped with necessary PPE and sanitiser

* Access points have been restricted at each airport. The access points that are open will have screeners.

* Port Health are carrying out passenger screenings at airports.

* Online check-in is encouraged to reduce touching of personal identity documents.

* Passengers will scan their own boarding cards at security.

* Baggage will be fully sanitised and must be wrapped as an additional safety measure.

* To find out about open prayer facilities and restaurants click here.

* Bathrooms will be open at domestic departure arrival facilities and will be sanitised in accordance with the public health procedure approved by SACAA.

* If people do not adhere to the airport rules, they will not be permitted in the terminal building or they will be escorted off the premises by airport security.

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For more information about what to expect when departing for a flight, visit ACSA’s website here.

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Tempest has published their full list of health and safety protocols which can be accessed here.

Thrifty Car Rental have shared their COVID-19 company information here.

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