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Travel Insurance

We don’t necessarily keep it in the front of our mind but we should always know that emergencies can happen when you least expect it. With this in mind, Destination Depot, LLC highly recommends that you protect your vacation with travel insurance.  The cruise lines, airlines, hotels and tour operators all charge high penalties for cancellation, ranging from the full deposit to no refund at all.

Another important fact to keep in mind is that most health insurance policies will not cover you when you are out of the country.  Your Travel Insurance will protect you in the following areas:

  • Baggage Delay
  • Baggage Loss, Theft or Damage
  • Emergency Medical and Dental Expenses
  • Emergency Medical Transportation
  • Missed Connection
  • Trip Cancellation
  • Trip Delay
  • Trip Interruption

If travel insurance is not already included with your vacation package, there are options for you to look into to obtain insurance. You can obtain a Travel Insurance Quote online with the company below or obtain on your own through a company of your choice.


Top 10 Reasons to Purchase Travel Insurance

There are hundreds of circumstances that could cause you to cancel your trip, return home early or force you to seek emergency medical treatment while traveling. To demonstrate the importance of purchasing travel insurance, and emergency travel services, here are 10 common examples of what could go wrong:

  1. It’s 10 p.m. and you and your girlfriends arrive at the airport for a connecting flight, only to find that your flight has been cancelled. Who can assist you with finding new flights to get everyone home?
  2. Your bag was lost with your prescription medicine inside. You need help to locate your bag as soon as possible and have your emergency prescription filled. Who do you call?
  3. Your first visit to Rome, Italy, and your passport and wallet are stolen. Where do you turn for assistance in obtaining emergency cash, and how will you get your passport replaced?
  4. You’re involved in an accident and adequate medical treatment is not available. Who will help coordinate a medical evacuation?
  5. If your mother-in-law becomes seriously ill and you must cancel your trip, what happens to your non-refundable deposits or pre-payments?
  6. You arrive in Jamaica and your luggage doesn’t. If it’s lost, who will help you find it? If it’s delayed who will reimburse you for covered necessities? If it’s stolen, who will reimburse you for its contents?
  7. Your cruise line, airline or tour operator goes bankrupt. Who will pay for your non-refundable expenses? Who is able to assist in getting you to your destination?
  8. You’re walking down a street in Chile and twist your ankle. Who is able to assist you in finding an English-speaking physician?
  9. Three weeks before your scheduled arrival, a terrorist incident occurs in the city to which you are planning to visit. Who will reimburse you if you want to cancel your trip?
  10. You are at a beach resort in Florida, and you are forced to evacuate due to a hurricane which has made your resort uninhabitable. Who can assist you in being evacuated? Who will reimburse you for your lost vacation investment?

The answer to most of these questions is you would be responsible for the cost or face losing money on your travel investment. Don’t allow this to happen. We suggest travel insurance to all of our clients just in case the “what if” happens to you.

Please strongly consider travel protection coverage when you purchase one of our travel packages or buying travel in general. It’s better to have the insurance and not need it, than to need it and not have it!

Please visit the website of the travel insurance companies below and research and find the best plan for you:

Travel Guard

Allanianz Travel Insurance

CSA Travel Insurance